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GTC 2014 First Day

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Today was our first day at the GTC (GPU Technology Conference) in San Jose. We arrived there early in the morning, ready for the registration and the first set of conferences.

The first couple of hours were quite light. I went to a couple of CUDA tutorial sessions, which were informative but rather easy. More interesting was Peter Messmer’s talk about “How to Visualize Your GPU-Accelerated Simulation Results”, which provided some thoughtful hindsights which we will like to test for future applications.

Also very promising was the talk by Mark Ebersole and Amit Rao called “Mobile GPU compute with Tegra K1”, the K1 is definetely looking really good, although they could not speak much about the K1 itself, probably waiting for the Big Boss to bring all the fireworks in the keynote, but they discussed extensively about the tools to work with the K1. And it is indeed looking pretty sweet, full OpenCL support, full CUDA (all libraries included too), OpenGL 4.3, OpenGL ES 3.1, etc. All the same features and tools that you can enjoy in a desktop GPU. Really looking forward to the big round of anouncements in the keynote, specially about when we will be able to enjoy the K1.

After that, it was time for a quick lunch, which definitely wasnt the highlight of the day. The meal consisted of a tortilla wrap filled with meat and rice. Filling but we felt that it could definitely improve.

The rest of the day consisted of a couple more GPU tutorials, and the most exciting part of todays session, the presentation of this year GTC posters. This year we contributed to one of them, the “Markov Chains Interactions on GPU-based Massive Parallel Simu-lated Annealing: A case study with the Faculty Assignment Problem”, which can be downloaded direcly from here GTC poster

So we had a great today time and are really excited about how it will be tomorrow, with the GTC on all cylinders!